The day I became a Hacker – Searching my head why I did it …(no excuses found)

I one day found myself in one of those posh upscale places in Uganda, Those places you enter and you forget you are in this dusty + floods infested Kampala. (I will have to literally kill you for me to disclose this place). Furthermore it is on one of those days l feel holier than the Pope. I had 3 devices, yes 3; to connect to the Internet. I ask this tall beautiful waitress with a weird weave (I loathe weaves but that is for another day)  for access to their “Internet”, she hands me a paper with login credentials typed.

It hit me hard, there was a big problem; the credentials only allow single sign on and yet l had two other geeky things that were Internet hungry, l could see from the look on their digital faces that they needed updates and other things that they know that they gobble from the Internet.
I again politely asked the waitress for another rap, she disarms me with a smile that made me forget she had slammed a no on me.

I pull out all the sweet words l could only falling short of telling her l’m taking her out for Valentine’s in the middle of the year. She still says no citing something to do with management policy et cetera.

Well; l coiled my small tail and said thank you for the life saving access to the Internet, l will buy social bundles for the rest. As her footsteps faded in the background, l had an eureka moment. That moment l smiled and realized l could surprise them too.

So l log in to the WiFi, dig around with my ICT jargons and find out the default gateway blah blah and l run an admin log in attempt on the web GUI. I think my other two devices had been praying too because the default admin credentials got me signed in. I could see every other device connected.
Gentlemen and Ladies; it is simple, too many bulls in the kraal is receipt for annoyingly slow Internet and quarrels with my laptop, the kind of mix l don’t want. I did the only logical thing l had to do to save a life.


Well the next few minutes saw my former good friend pacing around, calling the manager, hahaha calling l don’t wana know who as l sheepishly smiled and sipped on my dawa tea.

Soon word spread around that “the Internet is spoilt”. I felt sorry but but…. I sat there for close to 2 hours till l got a rude reminder that my bed was at home missing me. I undid the whitelist l had created, signed out and left.

I will go back again another day and wreak havoc …..

Tip: Always change default configurations for your ALL devices else someone like me will hack you

This is the cheapest and simplest hack in the book, it is as a result of poor practices by network administrators

Is this the part I pen a conclusion?

Being able to compose a tweet is said to be something smart because you don’t have a lot of “space” to  type all your so called humble thoughts. I beg to say that is being mean with words, what would some of us with a look of words do? Reason my twitter account forgot about me.

Either way, l’m still in celebration mode; it took me decades of planning on creating a blog, then l entered the procrastination phase and now l have run out of excuses – l just had to pull a NIKE on it.

I promise to whip out different topics all bundled up not as a reflection of how cracked up I’m but rather as a way of letting some words of wisdom transfer to you.

This might be short but hey why complain? Write your own J

I’m very happy my first post on my newly baked blog is about hacking (pun intended)